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Worthing Big Sister Fundraising To Get Sibling To World Cheerleading Championship

Abby Bridle, big sister to Libby is pulling out all the stops to try to get her to the World Cheerleading Championships in the USA to represent England next April.

In Abby's words:

"This is my little sister Libby. She is 12 years old and the most talented person I know. She has been selected out of 150 people to compete for Team England at the World Cheerleading Championships in America.

"Libby went to these tryouts to support her friend and made the team herself.

"We are so proud of her but it’s given us so little time to plan or prepare. If you know Libby, you will understand how much this means to her.

"Libby is such a good girl. She’s so smart and passionate about everything she does.

"When we lost our father to Terminal Brain Cancer in 2021 I was terrified that she would loose the sporty part of her and I was so wrong. My dad was so passionate about sport, he wanted his children to be the best at everything. When he died, a small part of us all did.

"I thought Libby would lose the drive she had. But that’s not Libby. She got better, stronger, faster. Where we come from, people like us don’t get chances like this.

"She’s had to work twice as hard to be recognised half as much. No matter who looks down their noses at her, she doesn’t give up. Instead she gives them a reason to look away. This girl deserves everything and more. She has been through way too much, way too young and she deserves this.

"As I’ve already explained, my family comes from humble beginnings and although we know in our hearts Libby will be the greatest of us all, we are struggling to get her there. Our single mother is raising three children alone on the bread line and this is going to be expensive.

"So I need your help. Please help us give a child her dream. She asks for nothing and works so hard.

"Libby needs major funding. Funding to cover: 

Travel to training sessions (these are all over the country) 

Fees for the training grounds 

Passport/ Flights/ Accommodation 



"And that’s just the start of the list.

"In total, we have worked out that this process is going to cost our family just over £5000.

"We have already started and will continue to be fundraising in every single way that we can.

"The main way is contacting local businesses to sponsor Libby as we have plans for her to do some local fundraising and what better advertisement than being seen to help a young girl achieve her dream?

"We have set up a GoFundMe, contacting scholarship programmes and doing absolutely everything in our power to get Libby to the World Cheerleading Championships, competing for Team England.

"So, if you have 50p, £50, £500, I’m asking you to give what you can and help my little sister get something that she truly deserves. A place on the highest ranking team, competing at the highest level, achieving everything she’s ever wanted. 

"Thank you, sincerely from a big sister."

You can donate here: https://gofund.me/7a633544

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