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Brighton's North Street: Now Reopened

The roof of Boots, North Street, Brighton, early in the repair work (Photo: ©2024 Eddie Mitchell)

Brighton's local authority together with its bus company said late this afternoon that North Street, in the city centre, has now reopened.

Strong winds during Storm Kathleen earlier this week were being blamed for causing damage to the roof of the Boots’ building.

Officials said this has resulted in an unsafe structure which was at risk of detaching.

A spokesperson said:

"Any panels falling onto the road below would present a very real and serious hazard to both pedestrians and vehicles."

However, by 4pm this afternoon (Friday April 12), Brighton and Hove City Council reported:

"North St and Windsor St are now open.

"The structure on Boots' roof no longer presents an immediate danger to the public. Scaffolding will remain in place.

"Thanks for your cooperation and patience to ensure everyone’s safety and keep the city moving."

Bus services might take some time to restore fully. The transport provider said:

"We are starting to resume normal routes on most services.

"Due to the previous diversions, there may be some delays on services."

A leading councillor had earlier praised the resilience of residents, workers and business staff, calling it part of a "massive citywide effort".

North Street and some surrounding roads were closed while urgent repairs continued.

Councillor Trevor Muten, Chair of the Transport & Sustainability Committee, said:

"Public safety is our biggest priority so it’s vital we’ve done everything we can to minimise the risk.

"There has been a massive citywide effort to ensure everyone’s safety and to keep the city moving.

"Teams from the council, bus companies, fire service and police have worked together to close roads, rephase traffic lights to minimise congestion, divert buses, put safety barriers up and keep the public informed.

"Thank you to everyone who has stepped in to keep people safe and get things resolved as quickly as possible.

"And special thanks to residents and businesses for their continued cooperation and patience."

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