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New Mayor A Leader For ‘Unity And Progress In Brighton & Hove’

Brighton & Hove councillors are expected to appoint British Bangladeshi Mohammed Asaduzzaman as the city’s new Mayor.

If agreed at this year’s Annual Council meeting (Thursday, May 16), Councillor Asaduzzaman, who has lived in Brighton for 30 years, will become the first South Asian Muslim councillor to be elected to the prestigious Mayoral role.

Before entering politics, Councillor Asaduzzaman was a familiar face in the city, actively involved in numerous charities and cultural organisations.

His roots in public service trace back to his work with the State Minister for Irrigation and Water Development in Bangladesh and his degree in Political Science.

Council leader Bella Sankey said:

“The appointment of Councillor Mohammed Asaduzzaman as Mayor at the Annual Council stands out as a pivotal moment.

“His journey from Bangladesh to Brighton exemplifies a life dedicated to public service and community betterment.

“With 3 decades of residency in Brighton, he has woven himself into the very fabric of the community.”

On Councillor Asaduzzaman, the council says: 

Since settling in Britain in 1995, Councillor Asaduzzaman has committed himself to promoting tolerance, diversity and inclusion with connections rooted in the community.

He has been an advocate for social cohesion, from co-founding the Brighton & Hove Multicultural Group to spearheading events that celebrate diversity.

He also has a lasting commitment to justice and inclusivity through his involvement in multi-agency work in advisory and scrutiny roles coupled with his efforts as an interpreter for those in legal need.

In community safety, Councillor Asaduzzaman's has supported victims of crime and abuse but actively campaigned for the removal of drug-dealing phone boxes while championing the rights of migrants facing crime.

He was also founder of the Turner World Festival and organised the multicultural Eid Festival to help foster cultural appreciation.

He was a master of ceremony with the One Voice project and participated in the United Nations Cultural Day to help eradicate hate and build bridges.

Campaigning for Undivided soldiers' recognition, food as culture and political engagement are all part of Councillor Asaduzzaman's approach to community welfare.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Councillor Asaduzzaman advocated for free vaccines for those with uncertain immigration statuses and provided 500 free meals from his business to essential service providers.

Councillor Asaduzzaman's commitment to the community has been recognised with prestigious awards, including a Home Office Respect Award, a Letter of Thanks from 10 Downing Street, and he also visited to Buckingham Palace, invited by the late Her Majesty the Queen.

Councillor Sankey added:

“As Councillor Asaduzzaman assumes the role of Mayor, Brighton & Hove can look forward to a Mayor whose compassion has already left an mark on the city's social, cultural, economic and political landscape.”

Mayoral charities

The Mayor will be supporting the following charities during his Mayoral year. The intention is that the Charities are able to utilise the name and office of the Mayor for the year in their fundraising activities.

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