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Two Dozen 'Leaplings' Born At UHSussex On February 29

Dottie and Serena

Two dozen babies have made their first appearance into the world on Leap Day, February 29, delivered across hospitals at University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust.

The odds of babies, known as “leaplings” born on this day, are one in 1,461, making this a very special day for these little leaplings delivered yesterday.

One of the new arrivals is baby girl Dottie, born at 6.13am weighing 6lb 1oz, born to parents Katie and Luke who did consider a Leap Day birth could be on the cards.

Katie said: “We did joke about it after we found out my due date was 1 March!”

But the pair admitted they were pleased about their baby girl’s Leap Day birthday, as it meant she would always have something unique about her.

For parents Mirabella and Samir, their first child, baby girl Serena born at 9.34am at 5lb 5oz, will be celebrating her first birthday as part of a two-day bonanza from the February 28 to March 1.

Altogether 11 baby boys and 13 baby girls were welcomed on Leap Day at UHSussex hospitals.


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