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James Adler's Top Eco Tips

Having worked in the environmental not for profit sector since 2002, CEO of Ashdown Forest James Adler is perfectly placed to tell Sara Whatley about his commitment to nature.

Having worked in the environmental not for profit sector since 200, CEO of Ashdown Forest James Adler is perfectly placed to tell Sara Whatley about his commitment to nature, but what can people do on a daily basis to help climate change? James Adler has many suggestions, many of which people will already be doing. He explained the more of these things you do the more money you save – great in these money pinching times – and that he believes individual consumers have enormous amounts of power if they work collectively.

  • Save energy: Insulate your house better. Turn off lights. Put on jumper and turn down heating by 1 degree. Consider transport – reduce flying, take the train, leave the car at home.
  • Shift diet: Reduce meat consumption. Eat seasonally. Eat locally. Reduce food waste. 
  • Repair, recycle, reuse: Reduce consumption of new goods. Try to use what already exists. 
  • Be political: Write to local elected politicians. Tell them you are concerned about climate change, you want action. Go and see them, let them know how important it is.
  • Banking and investments: Who is your bank? Where is your money? What is it being used for? Use ethical banking and pensions. 
  • Volunteer: Best way to get through climate anxiety is to take action. Volunteer on Ashdown Forest. Do something from home. Get out there and help. 
  • Don’t give up. It’s so easy to think this is the next generation’s problem, that it’s too big, but we all have to be aware of this and take action now. 

James explains what the environment does for us all: “It gives you the clean air that you breath, the fresh water that you drink and the sunlight that you love. Everyone has a stake in the environment. There is not a single person on earth who should not have the environment in their heart.” It is a well-known fact that getting out in nature is good for your health too, even the colours that surround you are proven to be good for you. 

See full interview with James Adler, here.

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